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Let's face it - the COVID-19 pandemic has changed, and may forever alter, how we travel. Add to safety concerns the fact that events and programs across the country are still being postponed or canceled, and it can be difficult or even overwhelming to plan a getaway, be it a summer vacation or a...Read more

As the seasons shift from summer to fall, most of us put those sunny outdoor days behind us and set our sights on the holidays... and all the entertaining and gift-giving that come along with them.

With its mix of upscale boutiques and eclectic stores, Leland is a great getaway...Read more


With its unique balance of small-town charm and ever-growing list of entertainment and recreation options, Leland, NC is fast becoming a destination for North Carolina travelers.

Among that growing list of offerings are restaurants with culinary flare you can't just find off any old...Read more


Over the last three decades, Leland has grown from a sleepy Wilmington-adjacent area to occupying a place on North Carolina's map as a prime destination to visit, relocate or open up shop.

Celebrate Leland - past, present, and future - during the upcoming annual Founders' Day...Read more


Do you have an event, concert or festival in the Town of Leland and would like help getting the word out? Are you a non-profit agency with a limited marketing budget for your convention or historical attraction?

The Leland Tourism Development Authority (LTDA) may be able to help....Read more


It's not surprising to see how many people are visiting Leland to take part in our growing pickleball community. What many might find interesting is how this sport came about in the first place.

It was invented in 1965 just outside Seattle on Bainbridge Island by three dads - Joel...Read more


Golf is a game that is easy to enjoy but difficult to master. That said, it's never too late to start, and there have been a number of professional golfers who took up the game later in life.

But before making your first tee time, consider this advice for beginners.

5 Golf Tips for...Read more

Great food, live music, fantastic shopping, and exciting basketball? It’s not just another day at Leland Municpal Park. It’s the second annual North Brunswick Merchant Association’s (NBMA) Spring Food Truck Rodeo.

After more than 3,000 people turned out for the inaugural event in 2018,...Read more


Leland, North Carolina, is home to a pair of widely recognized golf courses in Cape Fear Nationa l and Magnolia Greens...Read more


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LELAND, NC - The Leland Tourism Development Authority recently agreed to postpone the North Carolina...Read more